Is Homosexuality a Sin?

A Matter of Pride

There’s been a lot of news lately during this so-called “pride” month where Christians are apologizing to the LBGTQ community for how they’ve been treated, and a call for acceptance. This call for acceptance is not about accepting the individual, but condoning and approving of the lifestyle. More and more, churches are embracing this community as peers and equals (spiritually) and allowing them to continue their lifestyle and choices while attending church. When looking at sin, we must always look to God’s Word. There are numerous places where God decries such actions (Romans 1 being the most notable). But before we get into this, we as a church must also recognize God’s love for everyone (John 3:16-17). His heart breaks for those who do not follow Him, and therefore we must love everyone. Even those we don’t agree with. Jesus demonstrated this while on the cross, and numerous other times in the Gospel. We must remember it is not our job to judge – that is God’s alone! I am actually thankful for that. For the Church to be the Church, we must embrace those who sin, so much like Christ embraced the lepers. Meaning, the level of sin does not matter. What matters is the Grace of God to all people. We cannot distance ourselves, we cannot be afraid, but by His Grace love those who do not want or reject our love.

Now, to the Greater Point…

Now, to the greater point. Is homosexuality a sin? The simple answer is yes, and not just because of what is written in Romans or Deuteronomy. It is sin because it defies God’s design for us (Genesis 1:28, 9:1). Everything God does results in producing fruit – everything. If God touches it, there is a blessing. Look at creation, look at the sinner who becomes saved! When something rebels against that by doing what is contrary, there is death. When a man and woman come together as designed, there is a blessing that is produced. Life is created, and the bountiful joy of a baby ensures that a man and woman continue through their children. My kids are like me in so many ways, and also like their mom. That is a blessing, knowing I will continue in the lives of my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren should the Lord tarry. They can look back to me and know where they come from. I can look forward to those who come after me and pray for them, prepare for them, and even love them.

150 year old Bible close up

Death vs Life

If you are in a homosexual relationship, life is not produced or created. There is only death. Any consummation does not result in egg fertilization, thus life is not given a chance to happen. In addition, there is disease that is the direct result of these acts which causes death. Those within the LBGTQ community will argue that there is adoption and surrogates, much like in the “straight” community. But, this comes from man’s attempt to work around the laws of God. I do not doubt that people feel these urges to the same-sex, but that is not an excuse to sin. Everyone feels the temptation to sin – everyone. But there is Power in His Name to overcome (John 16:33, I Cor 10:13)!

The Love of God Overcomes

Homosexuality is a strong issue within our community. It has become time that we address this, and to not fear speaking out. We do this not out of hate, but out of love. If you knew that an action was going to kill someone, would you not speak out? Would you not beg and plead? If you consider yourself homosexual, there is love and redemption at the Cross. There is no judgment (although that time is coming). We are here to provide you love. Stop listening to the lies. Read God’s Word for yourself, don’t believe just me or anyone else. Allow God to show you. And, if you are willing, He will also show you His love.